The Cape Town suburb of Milnerton was established in 1902 on the site of the old farm, Janbiesjeskraal, and was named in honour of Sir Alfred Milner, Cape Governor 1897-1901. The railway line from Milnerton Junction reached Milnerton on 22 September 1904. Then the area began to grow steadily! Today, Milnerton has become one of the fastest growing areas in the Western Cape. Milnerton is situated approximately 11 kilometers from Cape Town’s city centre. It is well known for its stunning properties, shimmering lagoon, golf course and its close proximity to many of Cape Town’s hotspots. Milnerton is the oldest of the suburbs along the northern Table Bay. It is a solely residential area boasting many stunning homes and trees.

From a residential point of view, Milnerton is blessed with spectacular views over the bay towards Table Mountain. The area is well served with an active commercial centre, booming residential areas along the coastline and ample entertainment. Milnerton boasts many attractions and is a popular spot for jet skiing, surfing, body boarding, rafting down the lagoon, fishing, prawn fishing as well as canoe paddling. The lagoon is a hotspot for all canoeists who get the best of both worlds: a gorgeous view and a spectacular canoeing adventure. Other attractions include Zonnekus, the Golf Course and the Lighthouse. Zonnekus is a beautiful Dutch home which was the first house built on Woodbridge Island in 1929. It was built by Sir David Graaf and used by his family as a seaside home until his death in 1931.

Milnerton’s beach is well known for its spectacular views of Table Mountain as well as superb cleanliness. The local council staff makes certain that daily patrols on the beach take place and there are waste bins within close proximity so that the beach and surroundings are relatively clean.
The Milnerton Lighthouse is a 21 m high cylindrical tower painted white. It boasts a revolving electric optic which produces over 800 000 candela. It was completed in March 1960 and therefore boasts a long history. Interestingly, this gorgeous coastline from Green Point to Milnerton has wrecked over 150 ships! That’s more ships than any other coastline in South Africa!
Source: sahistory

Situated just 15 minutes from Cape Town’s city centre, surrounded by a lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean is Woodbridge Island, an upmarket, 24-hour high security complex connected to the mainland only by a modern road bridge. 

As you enter Woodbridge Island, the security gates open and you know you have come to the right place. All guests are screened by security before admittance. In Woodbridge Island all homes have picturesque views of Table Mountain or the gorgeous lagoon. 

There is plenty to do right here. One can simply explore the island and marvel at the exquisite gardens, pond and beautiful views. There are 3 superb swimming pools where endless days of sun tanning and relaxing can take place. 

Woodbridge Island’s lagoon is a popular canoeing and bird watching destination. The beach is immaculate boasting warm white sands and fantastic waves. Here, many enjoy kite or wind surfing. On Woodbridge Island, the dunes have been preserved and allowed to form their natural contours. Ecology has played an important role and all conservation is kept protected. 

2 bridges join Woodbridge Island to the mainland of Milnerton proper. The island is named after the newly renovated wooden bridge. This wooden bridge is now a national heritage site and, although was once used for general traffic, is only used for pedestrians. A newer bridge allows cars to cross to the island. Woodbridge Island is hidden and secured from the world. Here, an upmarket and luxurious lifestyle is enjoyed by many.

Source: SA Venues