The issue of sewage entering into the Diep River and Milnerton Lagoon has been a major sore point for residents in Milnerton and surrounds, and a community meeting was held on Tuesday evening (6 Sept) at the Milnerton Library for people to air (pun intended) their frustrations at the seemingly slow rate of progress in resolving the situation.

Refilwe Moloto speaks to Caroline Marx of #ReThinkTheStink Facebook group.

See link below for the audio of this conversation. 


It was standing room only at last nights meeting with City with local residents expressing their frustration and dissatisfaction at the lack of progress in resolving the Milnerton pollution with some demanding an environmental disaster be declared, a rates decrease or threatening a rates boycott.
While Dr Badroodien and Dep Mayor Andrews frank answers were appreciated, core questions remain unanswered "What actions is the City actually going to take in the next 3 month to improve things?"
Potsdam has discharged effluent not meeting safety standards for 4 years and yet the City is still "considering" temporary interventions until the upgrade completed? City will now be "reviewing" the consultants report on the Erica road outlet ?Investigating problems?
While City has been investigating, considering and reviewing, the Milnerton community and the Lagoon have suffered perhaps irreparable damage, both environmental and financial over the past 3 years.
A follow up meeting is planned for November, we look forward to a list of action steps with defined time lines. Thank you to all those who attended, without public pressure the situation would be even worse, your attendance at least ensures some level of public accountability.

#RethinkTheStink #ResponsibleManagementOfWastewater

Taken from the RethinkTheStink Facebook page




Dear Owners/Residents

Thank you to those who attended the public meeting with Mayoral committee member Dr Badroodien, his team and officials on 25/08/2022 to voice their concerns around Milnerton Lagoon pollution. While the Community remains extremely unhappy about the recent stench, the new willingness by the City to engage and be frank is appreciated. The medium to long term plans are encouraging. However, it is the failure of immediate and short-term interventions to reduce pollution in the 2 years following the directive that is so upsetting.

A follow up public meeting is scheduled for 6 September 2022 at 18h30 at the Milnerton Library Auditorium where further feedback will be provided, please participate, and share your views.
I also met with two Members of the WC Parliament yesterday morning and they will be asking questions around the problem in the WC Parliament.
Outa (and I will also be attending) has been invited to a joint high-level meeting in September at Potsdam WWTW with the Assistant Director General (National department of Water) and other high-ranking officials and politicians.
Please be assured that the trustees share your view that the pollution as a major pressing issue requiring urgent action.
Kind Regards
Caroline Marx
Environmental Trustee

Dear Owners and Residents

Fed up with the stink? Here’s an opportunity to stand together to show our consternation.

There will be a meeting with Dr Zahid Badroodien, the current Mayco member for Water & Sanitation

When: Thursday 25August at 18.00

Where: Van Niekerk Hall, Tableview. Corner South and Gloucester Roads.
GPS -33.83267491471889, 18.513563229018242

Smell from Potsdam
Progress/Process on the Tender for Potsdam Upgrade
Blockages and Spills Sewage
Broken Water Mains
Upgrading and replacement of sewage and water infrastructure
Progress/Process of the New Dunoon Pipeline
River Contamination from the informal settlements up stream of Potsdam
COCT Draft Estuary Plan for Diep River
Privately Owned and Operated Sewage Plants

The more people that attend, the stronger our voice. The trustees have received many complaints and queries, and are still doing everything they can but why not come and ask your questions directly? As individuals we need to start getting involved whenever and however we can.

Hope to see you there.

George de Braak (Chairman) and Caroline Marx (Trustee)

Good news is that the directive against the City to address the pollution problems in the Diep River and Milnerton Lagoon has been issued and will hold the City accountable 
to address the problem .Minister Bredell and the Green Scorpions team are to be commended for the thorough investigation and the real commitment to see it through despite obstacles and political opposition. 
Heartfelt thanks to OUTA (Organization undoing tax abuse) for support with independent water testing and legal advice and their ongoing commitment to funding water testing costling R200 000 pa . OUTA's involvement and professionalism was game changing bringing relatively swift action after years of fighting unsuccessfully for a cleaner environment.The directive demonstrates what can be achieved when civil activism on the ground meets ethical governance. 
Thankfully the tender to remove sludge at Potsdam has finally been awarded so hopefully the smell in that area should start to improve although this may take a further 2 weeks.    Read more for comments from OUTA.