Greetings Islanders

 I wanted to get a communication out to everyone in regards to the pond and our efforts to restore it to the beautiful feature we have all treasured over the years.


The WBI Gardening team have recently applied fertilizer to all common property lawns and are hand watering three times a week, with cleaning/clearing of common property flowerbeds and grassed areas twice a week.

Will Taylor, the Trustee for Garden, Estate and Dunes is busy with a project to beautify the swimming pool areas, making them more attractive environmentally with the installation of new loungers and effective shaded areas.

Mrs Caronne de Wet is currently liaising with owners in the Avenhoorn area regarding the replacement of Lagunaria trees; which the Avenhoorn owners have agreed to fund; with the option of planting two other trees varieties.

Michelle Lesch has been focusing on various projects: