The WBI Gardening team have recently applied fertilizer to all common property lawns and are hand watering three times a week, with cleaning/clearing of common property flowerbeds and grassed areas twice a week.

Will Taylor, the Trustee for Garden, Estate and Dunes is busy with a project to beautify the swimming pool areas, making them more attractive environmentally with the installation of new loungers and effective shaded areas.

Mrs Caronne de Wet is currently liaising with owners in the Avenhoorn area regarding the replacement of Lagunaria trees; which the Avenhoorn owners have agreed to fund; with the option of planting two other trees varieties.

Michelle Lesch has been focusing on various projects:

The pond: 

  • Reintroducing and sourcing of plants for the pond;
  • Meeting with a Cape Nature representative regarding the indigenous fish species which could be reintroduced to the pond;
  • Sourcing of a reputable fish breeder with stock of Cape Kurper and Mozambican Tilapia;
  • Whereafter the necessary permit to enable the supplier to transport the live fish would need to be applied for;
  • Obtained an organic product called Biodyne to replace the Hydrogen Peroxide for the pond water, to help clear the algae, which has helped as tadpoles/frogs and common brown water snakes have been sighted. 

Irrigation System:

  • Obtaining irrigation material quotations for new irrigation being installed along the outside wall and front entrance (being installed by in-house labour);


  • Obtained three quotations for newly proposed pond paving

Winton Swimming Pool Area:

  • Planning upgrade of Winton swimming pool flowerbeds with tropical vegetation including tall plants

Current issues/concerns being experienced:

  • Lack of Effluent water supply – period of non-supply unknown
  • Vandalism of three trellises along the Winton swimming pool wall with the artificial hedging being removed


SERVEST: Outsourced grass cutting contractor:

The Servest team have settled in nicely. At the beginning there were some teething problems but these have improved.



The vision is for the gardens and dunes going forward, to focus on a more environmentally friendly approach with a slow restoration of some of the ecologically important areas to a natural, indigenous state, but this will not be possible as the dunes were man-made and not natural, only a few small natural hummock dunes were established when Woodbridge Island complex was built. The developers built a man-made dune cordon in front of the beach front houses as a line of defense against the sea.   

Three quotations were obtained for dune vegetation cutting; and Silvertree Landscaping were awarded the contract, who are currently underway with the job between Pathways 6 to 11. Numerous chameleons were spotted in the dune vegetation and once the vegetation was cut, were replaced.  It has been noted the dune vegetation is very dry and there is evidence of substantial sand accretion.