Please note all internal and external alterations need to be applied for and submitted to the WBI Administrative Office for presentation to the Building & Maintenance sub committee and Trustees for approval before you can commence.

Please ensure you send in your applications timeously as the Building & Maintenance sub committee only meet on the second Tuesday of each month and the Trustees only meet on the last Monday of each month, excluding the month of December, when no meetings are held.

If possible please submit your detailed list of building improvements/alterations, together with any diagrams, building plans or photographs to the WBI Administrative office in writing by the Thursday preceding the monthly Building & Maintenance meeting, either by email or letter, so as not to delay the approval process.  

If you would like to become a member of the WBI Building and Maintenance sub committee who meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 09:00, please send your request to Shannon Durant at the WBI Administrative Office on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

March was an excellent month for the implementation of several innovations, including pond lighting, fountains in the pond and lagoon as well as introducing a house-cleaning program. 

Coincidentally and happily, it was also a month of minimal emergency work needed on sewers, water leaks and dune fences!

As the first monthly report to be presented on our new website, this report covers actions undertaken and trends observed for the month of February 2021.   As noted below we are striving to implement further productivity improvements - and ever more new projects - over the next months and years.

By way of background, we allocate priorities drawing firstly from the WBI strategic plan, secondly from our maintenance master plan, and finally onto our weekly and daily job allocations as managed from our operations board

“The job will be a piece of cake for you, Ed,” they said. “You have a great team of workers - so with your engineering background it will be merely a case of jotting down the tasks, prioritizing, and setting them to work.  It’s all quite simple really.”

“Ah… right, of course,” I responded, reassured by the apparent clarity of the task at hand.

Later that evening the first of the howling winter gales rolled in.  Beach fence poles snapped like matchsticks, fence wire bundled into spaghetti-like balls, waves dismantled walkway steps, foam and water hurtled up one pathway, smashing a gate and lightly injuring a worker.  Gutters and pergola roofs blew back over house roofs, flotsam and jetsam was scattered onto the Island, several trees came crashing down and some of our roads were flooded where leaves and branches had blocked the drains.